Green Kinemaster Pro APK Download For Android 2023

No doubt, kinemaster is the perfect video editor to edit any kind of video, it has all the features that are necessitated to make a stunning video. If you are a mobile user and looking for a good video to edit your videos, I’ll undoubtedly suggest Kinemaster. In this article, we’ve provided you the modified version of this app, Green Kinemaster Pro APK

You may’ve already tried other APKs of Kinemaster such as KineMaster Mod APK, but this APK is also worth trying. Many problems that users faced in free Kinemaster such as watermark appearing are solved in this APK because it’s premium unlocked, and the premium version of kinemaster can do a ton more than the free version.

Download Green KineMaster Pro APK Latest Version

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NameGreen Kinemaster Pro APK
DeveloperKinemaster Corporation
GenreVideo Editor
Size35 MB
Android Requirement5.0 or more
Get it onGoogle Play
Updated1 day ago


Feature of Green Kinemaster APK

Green Kinemaster Pro APK

This APK has many amazing and useful features and resources to edit your videos, here are some of them:

Free to use

This APK is totally free to use for all users just like KineMaster Pro APK, you can easily download and use it without paying any money.

No Watermark

You’ll be free of the hostility of a watermark in your video, having a watermark of any other corporation in your video is the worst feeling ever, in this APK this issue is solved just like KineMaster Pink Mod APK.

Speed Controls

You can control the speed of the video easily using the speed settings of the kinemaster. Slo-mo would be a great choice in action scenes, it makes a video more engaging and impressive you can add it to your video using kinemaster, likewise, you can also fast the speed whenever you want.

Different Text Styles

You can add many types of titles to your video in this app just like KineMaster Lite APK and can choose the font and revealing style of your text. It’s up to you how you want to use the title in your video, you can also add subtitles using the title to your video.

Add Music

Kinemaster allows you to add custom audio to your video, so you can also add background music to your video. Background music improves the audio quality and provides an audial feeling in a video, you can make your video more engrossing by adding background music to your video.


Kinemaster has a bunch of transitions, so you can make simple changing of scenes much more glorious by adding it to your video.

Built In-Camera

This feature allows you to record video directly from kinemaster, and It’ll automatically appear in KineMaster so you can make changes you want.

Social Share

Once your video is ready to be uploaded on any platform, you can share your video directly from kinemaster using this feature.


A variety of themes are added in the Green Kinemaster Pro APK to make videos impressive, you can choose different types of themes according to your need/choice.

Green Kinemaster Pro APK

Reverse Video

You can also reverse the video in kinemaster if you want, this is a crucial tool as every video editor requires it, in different situations.


Kinemaster has lots of great effects to use in your video. Effects are the major resources to use in the video to make it sensational, effects improve the look of the video, provide feeling, and play multiple roles in video editing. Effects have lots of types, color effects, 3D elements, distortion, blur effects, etc. and kinemaster has all of these.


Kineamster allows you to crop your video if you want. The crop feature is used for multipurpose it’s up to the situation, you can also add letterbox to your video using the crop feature.

Multiple Layers

All the resources added in an editor to edit a video are added to the layer, so if you don’t have more layers, then you can’t add more resources to your video. Kinemaster allows you to add multiple layers, so you can add as many resources to your video as you want, and combine many videos together.

Bug Fixes

All the bugs and errors that users face in previous versions are fixed in this APK.

How to Download

To download this APK on your device, follow the steps given below:

  1. Enable unknown sources for download on your mobile.
  2. Click on the download button and wait for a minute, the download will automatically start.
  3. Locate the APK file in the file manager.
  4. Install.


Video Formats: MP4, 3GP, and MOV
Audio Formats: MP3, AAC, LC, or PCM
Image Formats: JPG, PNG


Yes, we’ve made sure this APK is safe before uploading it on our site

Yes, there is no doubt that this app is best for video editing


Tasnim Achma: I was looking for a good video editor to edit my videos, so I was searching on Google and found Green APK of Kinemaster, so I decided to download and try this video editor, and fortunately, it fulfilled all of my requirements and needs, it’s a great video editor.

Hawk Russell: So I was already a user of Kinemaster, and honestly it’s a great video editor, but whenever I edit my videos in it, a watermark appears in my video, so when I come to google I find out there are different APKs of Kinemaster, so I downloaded this APK and not only the problem of watermark solved, but I get new features also.

Leo Conrick: It’s a good video editor and easy to use.


Kinemaster Green APK

Kinemaster has lots of APKs, Black APK, Mod APK, Diamond APK, etc. all of these APKs play an external role depending upon the editor’s needs, Green Kinemaster Pro APK is also worth trying. Hope you’ve successfully downloaded this APK on your mobile and enjoyed it.

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