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In this article, we’ll guide you how to edit videos using KineMaster on mobile.

Prepare your Concepts and Resources

First, prepare your concept of the video you’re making, what type of editing you want in that video, and what feel you want to give your audience. Then, prepare your resources such as videos that you want to edit, background music, sfx, that you want to add to your video, etc.

How to Create a Project

After everything is ready, and your concept is clear, open KineMaster, and you’ll see its landing page, where three options will be shown.

KineMaster Interface
KineMaster Interface

Click on the middle icon, to start a new project, and you will see options to select the aspect ratio, aspect ratio is basically the ratio of the width to the height of an image or screen. If you’re creating a video for YouTube then 16:9 would be better, 9:16 is suitable for Instagram, and if you want a smaller screen size then you can select 1:1. After doing these steps, it’ll take you to the project. Now, click on the media icon and import videos, and other files that you desire to edit.

KineMaster Editing Timeline

How to Trim a Video

Every video has some parts that need to be trimmed out of the video to make it clean. To trim your video in KineMaster, drag the red line showing in the timeline, where you want to trim your video, then click on the video layer, and a sidebar will be shown on the right side, there will be a scissor icon on that sidebar, click on it. Then some options will be shown. If you want to delete the previous part of the video then click on the first option (Trim to left of playhead), just like that if you want to delete the next part, click on the second one (Trim to right of playhead), and if you want to delete any part from the middle of your video, then you’ll have to trim it two times, this time move the line to the starting of the part you want to delete and click on the thirst option (split at playhead).

Trimming in KineMaster

Do the same thing with the end of that part, then click on the video you’ve separated by trimming and delete it, by clicking on it, a sidebar will be shown on the left side, there you’ll see a trash can icon, click on it, and the part will be deleted. By doing these steps make your video fully clean, there should be no boring or unnecessary parts left.

How to Add Transitions

To add transitions between two clips, click on the icon that shows between two clips, by just simply clicking on it, varieties of transitions will be shown, choose the suitable transition according to your video and add it by clicking on it. You can also download transitions by clicking on “get more”.

How to Add Text/Title

To add text/title to your video click on the layer and some options will be shown including text.

Layer options, KineMaster

click on the text, and it’ll take you to a black interface including the keyboard, type what you want to type, and click on OK.

Writing text in KineMaster

Now drag the text where you want to place it on your video. Click on your text layer, and click on “Aa” shown at the right sidebar, from there you can choose the font you like.

Text options KineMaster

Fonts in KineMaster

You can simply increase the time of your text by pressing on the right side of the layer and dragging it on the right side. Click on In Animation after clicking on the layer from the right sidebar, if you want to animate your text.

Animations in KineMaster

How to Add Background Music

To Import/Add Background Music to your video in KineMaster, click on the audio icon, and some options will be shown, then click on folders, and choose the music you want to add. To decrease the volume click on the music, then click on the speaker icon on the left sidebar, from there you can easily change the level of your audio.

Audio Level

How to Export

To export the video, click on the arrow icon in the top right corner of KineMaster. Choose the Resolution and Frame rate you like, and click on save.

Export video in KineMaster


So that’s it, I hope this tutorial helped you in editing your videos, and understand how KineMaster works.

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