Kinemaster Legend Mod APK Download For Mobile 2023

Kinemaster Legend Mod APK

Name:Kinemaster Legend Mod APK
Size:21.9 MB
Developer:KM Corporation
Genre:Video Editing
Get it on:Play Store
Updated:1 day ago


About Kinemaster Legend Mod APK

If you’ve heard about Kinemaster video editor, you might have heard about its APKs as well such as KineMaster Mod APK, KineMaster Pro APK, etc. In this article we’ve shared Kinemaster Legend Mod APK one of the modded versions of kinemaster with you, you can easily download it from our site. Using this fantastic application, you can edit any kind of video by implementing its resources into your video. People love this video editor because it’s uncomplicated and easy to use, and it has lots of advanced features, you can apply your ideas in your video without any limitations through this video editor. It has great potential to handle your tough video editing work.

Kinemaster Legend Mod APK


Here are some great and useful features, tools, and resources of Kinemaster:


If you want to remove any specific part from your video, or you’ve got long raw footage that you need to cut down to make it short, you can easily do that in this video editor just like Green KineMaster Pro APK. Cutting a video is a major thing that almost every content creator do, to make their video clean and short. This application allows you to separate the part of the video by splitting it from the start and the end, and then you can easily delete it with just one tap.

Special Effects

This APK has lots of fascinating effects, color effects, audio effects, transitions effects, visual effects, etc., by implementing these effects your video can be extremely stunning. Effects are major resources used to make videos interesting and good-looking, kinemaster has a decent amount of them available, just like Blue KineMaster Pro Mod APK, and only one effect is capable to modify the video too much.


Transitions are used to move a video clip to another, it’s used by many filmmakers, and as usual, kinemaster has a bunch of them. There are lots of types of transitions wipe, dissolve, glitch, split, zoom, etc. Transitions have the potential to make your video much more impressive.

Color Grading

Color grading is very popular in video editing, used to alter the look of the video. In kinemaster you’ll find lots of color filters to apply to your video just like KineMaster Black APK, and also it has some options to adjust the colors of the video, these filters can make your video look magnificent.

Stickers and Emojis

This software has tons of stickers and emojis, all types of stickers are available in this editor, including stickers relevant to birthdays, fire, water, etc. And all kinds of emojis, laughing, sad, crying, etc., can be used in your video through this editor.

Opacity Control

If you want to increase or decrease the opacity/transparency of your video or any object of your video, you can easily do it using the opacity control options of the kinemaster. It can also be used to fade in or out the video.

Speed Control

The speed of the video can also be controlled in this application, using kinemaster speed options you can increase or decrease the speed of your video. Every content creator or video editor needs to control their video’s speed at some point.


Using this option you can add motion tracking and zooms to your video and also a movement to any object like text. You’ll find zooms and motion in lots of videos.

Brightness, Hue, Saturation Control

The brightness, saturation, hue, etc., can also be controlled in Kinemaster Legend Mod APK, these are the normal setting of a video that some people need to adjust. You can also fix the gloomy videos utilizing this setting.

Background Music

In this app you can add any type of custom audio you want to your video, hence you can add background music too. Background music alters the audio quality, provides an audial feeling and makes the video stunning.

Audio Adjustments

This app allows you to add reverb to your audio, change your audio’s pitch, and adjust your audio. Moreover, kinemaster has 12 EQ presets for audio all these presets can do different modifications to the bass, mid-tones, and treble of the audio to alter the audio quality. Along with visual quality, you need to improve the audio quality too to make your video engaging, and in this app, you can easily do it.

Audio Record

If you want to add a voice-over to your video, you can record it directly from this video editor, so you’ll not need to record it in any other application.

Instant Preview

With this feature, you can preview your video to find out the taste of it like how entertaining it is, or what it needs to be amusing.

High-Quality Export

After your video is edited and ready to be exported, to maintain its best quality, kinemaster allows you to export video in resolutions like 4k or 1080p.

Final Words

If you haven’t downloaded this amazing application to your device, this is the right time to get this application. There’s no doubt that any type of video can easily be edited in Kinemaster Legend Mod APK. Hope you’ve successfully downloaded and enjoyed this apk.

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