Download Kinemaster Premium APK (Full Unlocked) 2023

The free version of kinemaster didn’t allow users to utilize every tool and resource and also gives a watermark to the video. The solution to this problem is a paid subscription, by purchasing this subscription you’ll be able to utilize every last feature of kinemaster and save from the watermark.

Kinemaster Premium APK is an apk of this application in which you’ll find the premium subscription unlocked just like KineMaster Mod APK, you can download it entirely free from our site It’s the best video editor on android, you can apply your ideas to your video to make it fascinating without any limits.

Kinemaster Premium APK

Name:Kinemaster Premium APK
size:120 MB
Developer:Kinemaster Corporation
Android Requires:5.0 or above
Features:Premium Unlocked
Get it on:Play Store


Features of Kinemaster Premium APK

This apk has lots of features, tools, and resources to edit videos. Here are some of them:


Kinemaster has plenty of incredible effects, effects play a central role to make the video stimulating and good-looking. By implementing effects to your video, you can capture your audience’s interest, because a simple scene can be stunning using effects, i.e., by adding motion blue, shakes, distortion, and color effects you can make a simple running video more impressive.


Transitions are exploited to move from one scene to another, a simple changing of scene or clip can be imposing by implementing transitions to your video. Kinemastr has a bunch of it.

Color Grading

Color grading is used to alter the color of the video to make it good-looking and provide a fine feeling in a video. Kinemaster has lots of color filters you can apply to your video and settings to adjust the color of the video.


A variety of texts are available in this application, everyone needs text to add somewhere to their video. This apk has tons of it, all these titles have different revealing style and look.

Chroma Key

This effect is used to remove the background of the video to replace it with another impressive background. It’s also used in other ways by YouTubers, basically, there are videos on YouTube with a green background such as “fire green screen”, by adding it to your video and removing the green background the fire will be added to your video.


Kinemaster has different animations you can utilize in your project. Animations can make a video more engrossing.

Background Music

This application allows you to add any type of custom audio to your video you want. You can also add background music to your video using this feature, it’ll improve the audio quality. Every video needs background music to provide an audial feeling to viewers.

Audio Settings

To improve the audio quality, this app allows you to add reverb to your audio, change your audio pitch and adjust your audio. There are 12 presets for audio in kinemaster, all these presets can do different types of modifications to the audio.

Multiple Layers

In Kinemaster Premium APK, you can add almost unlimited layers. A deficit of layers means a deficit of resources in the video.

Speed Customization

You can easily customize the speed of your video with the speed settings of kinemaster to make it fast or slow.

Instant Preview

To help yourself while editing a video, you can preview it whenever you want, to check how is it looking after implementing something.

Social Share

If you’re making the video to upload on any social media platform, this feature is for you, because it allows the user to share their video on any social media platform directly from the app, when it’s ready.

High-Quality Export

To maintain the best quality of the video, this application allows you to export your video in resolutions like 1080p and 4k. Of course, the quality of the video matters a lot.


Hope you’ve successfully downloaded and enjoyed Kinemaster Premium APK, if not, this is the right time to get this amazing video editor. There is no doubt that it’s the best video editor to edit any kind of video.

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