Download Kinemaster Ruby APK (Premium Version) 2023

Finding a modded version of kinemaster with a cool, good-looking interface and with all the premium features unlocked? If so, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ve provided you the download link of Kinemaster Ruby APK. On our site, you’ll find many APKs of kinemaster such as mod or pro, this apk is also one of them.

This app has lots of advanced tools and resources, by utilizing them you can make many stunning videos and engage your audience. For a content creator or video editor, this application is nothing less than a blessing because it’s a world-class video editor.

Kinemaster Ruby APK

Name:Kinemaster Ruby APK
Size:22.3 MB
Android Requires:5.0 and above
Mod Features:Premium
Get it on:Play Store
Updated:1 day ago


Features of Kinemaster Ruby APK

Kinemaster Ruby APK

  • No Watermark: In this application, you’ll not have the problem of a watermark, like the free version of kinemaster. The watermark of any other corporation on your own video is annoying and no one wants it.
  • Cutting: If you’ve got a long video that you need to cut down to make it short or have any part in your video that you want to remove, you can easily do it using this app. In this app, you can separate the part by splitting it from the start and the end and then delete it.
  • Effects: This application has tons of fascinating effects, effects are the major resources for video editing, only one effect can modify your video much more. By implementing different effects in different parts of your video, you can make it extremely stunning. Visual effects, audio effects, transition effects, blur effects, etc., kinemaster has all of these.
  • Transitions: By adding transitions to your video, you can move one scene to another in a very intriguing style. Transitions are used by many video editors, and this application has a bunch of them, wipe, dissolve, glitch, etc.
  • Color Grading: To alter the look of the video, you can modify the color of your video, which will make your video much more good-looking than the original. In kinemaster there are lots of color filters and settings to adjust the color of the video, different filters do different modifications and make your video gorgeous.
  • Speed Control: This option allows you to fast or slow the speed of your video. Every video editor needs this option to control the speed of their video at some point.
  • Brightness, Hue, Saturation Control: You can adjust your video’s brightness, hue, and saturation as well in this video editor. Normally, people use this setting to enhance their video’s look and fix gloomy videos. 
  • Transparency Control: The opacity of a video, object, text, or anything can also be controlled in Kinemaster Ruby APK.
  • Multiple Layers: As layers are the most important thing in video editing, kinemaster allows users multiple layers, so they can add as many resources as they desire to their video. Layers are essential because all the resources like effects, stickers, emojis, videos, audio, etc. are added to layers, so if you don’t have more layers means you can’t add more resources.
  • Background Music/Custom Audio: This app allows you to add any type of custom audio you want to your video, hence you can also add background music to your video. Background music provides an audial feeling and improves audio quality. You can also add different types of sound effects to make your video funny or provide a good audial feeling.
  • Audio Adjustments: Kinemaster also lets you adjust your audio, by adjusting the audio you can add reverb to it, change its pitch, etc. Also, there are 12 presets in kinemaster for audio, all presets do different types of modifications to the audio and improve its quality.
  • Instant Preview: This feature will help you to edit your video, because using this feature you can preview your video, to know if it’s okay or not or what it needs to be interesting.
  • High-Quality Export: Once your video is edited and ready to be exported, you can export in resolution like 4k or 1080p to maintain the best quality of it.


There’s no doubt that you can edit any kind of video without any limitations in this video editor. Simple as simple video can also be fascinating using this application. Kinemaster has great potential to handle all of your complex video editing work. People love to use this video editor because it’s easy to use and has all things that a video needs to be edited.

Hope you’ve successfully downloaded and enjoyed this video editor, if not, this is the perfect time to get this amazing video editor.

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