KM Premiere Pro APK Download [Full Unlocked] 2023

In this article, we’ve provided you the download link of KM Premiere Pro APK, one of the Kinemaster APKs on our site like Mod APK. This apk is a modified version of kinemaster, in which all the premium tools and resources are unlocked. It has an interface based on the Adobe Premiere Pro theme, Premiere Pro is a famous pc video editor.

Using this video editor, you can edit any kind of video to make it fascinating and stunning. It has a variety of tools and resources. It’s uncomplicated to use, so if you’re a beginner, you can learn it in no time by watching some tutorials on YouTube.

KM Premiere Pro

Name:KM Premiere Pro
Size:84.1 MB
Developer:Kinemaster Corporation
Genre:Video Editor
Android Requirement:5.0 and above
Get it on:Play Store


Features of KM Premiere Pro

It has many advanced features, utilized to edit video, all features have different use and advantages, and do different modifications to the video. Here are several of them:

KM Premiere Pro Interface

No Watermark

Watermark of any other corporation feels like a stain in the video because a video takes effort to be created properly. In KM Premiere Pro you’ll not face this problem, you can freely edit your video without any aggression of a watermark.


The raw footage of any video has lots of boring parts that are needed to be deleted from the video to make it short and clean. In this application, you can easily split all the parts you want to remove and delete them.

Special Effects

Kinemaster has tons of color effects, visual effects, audio effects, transitions effects, distortion, blur effects, etc., by implementing these bunch of effects your video can be extremely fascinating. Effects are the specialty of kinemaster, it has mind-blown effects, by some good implementations of effects your video can be much more interesting and engaging.

Download KM Premiere Pro


Transitions are used to move one scene to another in a style. There are lots of types of transitions i.e., wipe, dissolve, slide, etc. Transitions can make a video much more impressive, a simple changing of scene/clip can be fascinating by applying a transition between them.

Color Grading

Color grading is used to alter the look of the video to make it eye-catchy and provide a good vision feeling. Kinemaster has lots of color filters you can apply to your video, and have some settings to adjust the color of the video. By applying these filters, your video’s color will be much better than the original one.


This feature is used to add motion tracking and zooms to the video, and also to add movement to any object of the video, such as text.

Brightness, Hue, Saturation Control

These are the major settings of a video that sometimes you need to adjust for some reason, usually to fix gloomy videos.

Speed Control

Of course, in filmmaking, speed control is one of the important things you need. In KM Premiere Pro, there are options by which you can easily fast or slow the speed of your video.

Background Music

This app allows adding any custom audio to the video, so you can also add background music to your video. Background music is also a significant thing that a video needs to be engaging, it provides an audial feeling to the video and captures the audial interest of the audience.

Audio Adjustments

In this APK, you can add reverb to any audio, change audio pitch and adjust the audio to improve its quality. There are presets in kinemaster for audio that can do different types of modifications to the audio. Together with the visual quality of the video, you need to improve the audio quality of the video too.

Chroma Key

With this effect, the background of the video can be removed. Also, if you add anything with a green background to the video and remove the background that thing will be added to your video such as “raining green screen”, you can easily find these types of videos on YouTube.


By previewing your video you can find out the taste of your video like how interesting it is, or what it needs to be interesting. In this app, you can easily preview your video whenever you want.

Multiple Layers

To edit a video you need to work on layers, the resources that you add to your video are added on layers. And without more layers you can’t add more resources, that’s why kinemaster allows users to add multiple layers, so they can add as many resources as they want.

High-Quality Export

The quality of the video matters a lot to make it engaging and to maintain the best quality of the video, kinemaster allows you to export the video in resolutions like 4k or 1080p.

Social Share

If you’re planning to upload your video to any social media platform after editing it, you can directly do that from inside kinemaster.


There is no uncertainty that KM Premiere Pro APK is a good app to edit videos. Hope you’ve successfully downloaded and enjoyed this APK. If not, what’re you waiting for, this is the right time to get this amazing video editor.

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